Training courses are held at Kiwiplan office locations world-wide.

Corrugator Scheduling (CSC) (5 days) 

Designed as a Corrugator Scheduling pre-installation activity specifically for schedulers and back-up schedulers, this course is also appropriate for the continued training development of all new schedulers and their back-ups. The course provides an overview of the "Theory of Constraints" influencing scheduling and addresses the core functions of corrugator scheduling with Kiwiplan's Corrugator Scheduling system.  Who: Schedulers, Backup Schedulers and Supervisors.

Production Control System (PCS) (5 days)

Appropriate for production planners/schedulers and their back-ups, plant management, customer service, and others. This course is also appropriate for the training development of all new planners and schedulers. The course provides an overview of the pull-scheduling theory, addresses the core functions and responsibilities associated with the plant scheduling process, and provides hands-on learning opportunities. The course also covers functionality and tools available to others throughout the plant and discusses the inter-departmental relationships and responsibilities necessary for the successful implementation and effective utilization of the Kiwiplan Production Control System (PCS).  Who: Schedulers, Production Managers, Customer Service and others.

Kiwiplan Advanced Scheduling (5 days)

Designed specifically for experienced schedulers and their back-ups, this course is recommended as an advanced skills development program. It builds upon basic skills and experience to exploit the more advanced and complex capabilities and production benefits of the CSC and PCS software, focusing on understanding parameters and customization options to tailor our scheduling tool to best meet your operational objectives.

Continuous Automated Scheduling Environment (CASE) (5 days) 

Designed as a pre-installation activity for production planners, schedulers, and their back-ups, this course is also appropriate for the training development of new planners and schedulers. The course is designed to provide an orientation into the functions and capabilities of CASE (Continuous Automatic Scheduling Environment). The course was developed to explain how CASE enhances the use of existing PCS and CSC management tools by automating corrugator scheduling functions in a real-time, continuous environment, requiring minimal intervention.  Who: Schedulers and Production Managers.

Enterprise Sales Processing (ESP) Advanced  (5 days) 

Designed for customer service, management, sales staff, new employees, and others. Participants will learn to utilize menu options, tools, task buttons, alerts, and master use of grid-view and search functionality; investigate key data elements and functionality associated with companies, addresses and contacts; enter simple and complex products designs and learn about styles and score formulas, the automatic routing board, and joined sets; produce cost estimates and generate pricing, maintain price lists and implement price changes; enter orders and examine order status information; review the shipping and billing process; learn to improve the management of inventory and review new options and features available.  Who: Customer Service and Office staff who require an understanding of the order management system.

Roll Stock System (RSS) (2.5 days)

This is one of two Kiwiplan Inventory Management mini-courses sharing a split-week schedule. Designed as a Roll Stock System (RSS) pre-installation activity for staff in charge of roll stock, this course provides an RSS overview and addresses the knowledge needed to run RSS from a scheduling or administrative perspective. This course is NOT intended for clamp or fork drivers.

Unit Load Tracking (ULT) (2.5 days)

This is one of two Kiwiplan Inventory Management mini-courses sharing a split-week schedule. Designed as a Unit Load Tracking (ULT) pre-installation activity for shipping personnel and supervision, this course addresses the knowledge needed to run ULT from a scheduling or administrative perspective.

Kiwiplan Management Seminar (3 days) 

You pick the time and the place. This interactive seminar opportunity is designed to be scheduled and facilitated exclusively for your company's senior management. The objective is to allow management personnel to discuss the relationships and conflicts between corporate and departmental needs, expectations, and Kiwiplan software production capabilities.

The course begins with a review of the "Theory of Constraints" and its relationship to Kiwiplan products. Participants discuss how Kiwiplan products are designed to enhance plant performance (increase throughput; reduce waste, downtime, and expenses; and optimize inventory) and improve customer service, all of which lead to increased profitability and market share. The course also provides managers with a comprehensive review of available software management tools and reports and their contribution toward setting and reaching productivity goals and objectives.

Possible discussion topics:  Theories behind Kiwiplan Systems, the Human Element, Systems Overview, Plant Exception Report, Key Corrugator Reports, Key Production Reports, Benchmarking, What's in It for Me?, Open Forum.

Who: Vice Presidents, Regional Managers, General Managers, Plant Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Service Managers, Controllers, Admin Managers, IT Managers.

Kiwiplan Environment Administration (5 days)

Designed for system administrators or high level users that have access to the operating system, this course covers basic Kiwiplan directory structure, toggle file maintenance, Kiwiplan database maintenance, language translation, menu creation and maintenance, input option modification, and other basic Kiwiplan system admin functions.

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