Arm your staff with the training they need to succeed.

Kiwiplan offers a wide range of training opportunities for everyone within your organization including corporate, regional and plant management, office staff, schedulers, and factory personnel. Proper training will prepare your staff to use Kiwiplan tools effectively and help you to gain the benefits and achieve the ROI from Kiwiplan products.

Training Courses

Training courses conducted in classrooms at our training facilities develop skills and provide participants with comprehensive product knowledge and a hands-on experience with Kiwiplan software products. Participants learn how to best apply and utilize the Kiwiplan software in their jobs. They are challenged and inspired to consider new and better ways to do their job using powerful tools available to them. See course descriptions or enroll.

Online Learning

A selection of online training options are also available. Web-based training is flexible, cost effective and convenient. Online courses allow participants to "attend" class at their convenience from home or the office. Lessons can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Fit them in when you can and eliminate the need for costly travel and extended time away from the job.   

Customized Training Solutions

Kiwiplan is happy to develop and customize training solutions to meet your specific needs. Examples of custom training solutions that may be provided include curriculums designed to address Lean Manufacturing initiatives, OEE Improvements, Waste Reduction, and more. Specialized training may also be developed for your Management Teams, Customer Service and others.

On-Site Training

On-site training is conducted at your location during and throughout the implementation of Kiwiplan software solutions. Kiwiplan trainers conduct training in classroom settings at your location, as well as side-by-side with your employees on the job.

To learn more about our Training solutions or to discuss your training needs, please contact us today.