Scheduling Services

No one knows more about maximizing plant performance with Kiwiplan scheduling tools than our consultants!

A team of experienced professionals with years of corrugator and production scheduling experience are available to schedule your box plant, sheet feeder or manufacturing facility either permanently or temporarily when your schedulers are away.

Skilled resources when you need them.

Kiwiplan staff will become intimately knowledgeable regarding your manufacturing constraints, order mix, standard practices, and schedule requirements. With this knowledge our staff can schedule your plant remotely from our office location or from your location.

Economical and cost-effective.

This service provides an economical and cost-effective solution to your scheduling needs when your scheduling staff are away or unavailable. There is no need to train backup schedulers and no need to worry about the quality of production schedules or the impact on productivity in your manufacturing facility.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce side trim at the corrugator. Increase web width utilization and production efficiency.
  • Eliminate downtime and WIP by ensuring the required jobs are scheduled to run on the corrugator at the right time.
  • Improve visibility and communication  throughout the manufacturing facility

To discuss your scheduling needs, please contact your nearest Kiwiplan office.