what papers and sizes should you be carrying? And how much money can you really save by optimizing your roll matrix or reducing inventory? If you’re not 100% sure of the answers to these questions, a Roll Stock Analysis (RSA) by Kiwiplan will provide the answers you need.

Optimize roll inventory, reduce inventory and costs.

A team of industry professionals will perform a detailed scheduling analysis of your order mix for a period of six months to one year. Based on your specific corrugator constraints and mix, this analysis will determine the optimum roll stock matrix to maximize corrugator productivity and efficiency.

Reduce SKUs.

If you are interested in reducing the number of papers and roll sizes kept in inventory, a Kiwiplan RSA will clearly identify the specific paper and widths to carry and the cost savings you can expect to achieve as a result of reducing or changing the papers and widths stocked.

How much is enough?

Running out of critical papers and widths often results in costly upgrades, extra trim and even late orders. Your Kiwiplan RSA will determine exactly how much safety stock is needed for each paper and width to reduce the likelihood and resulting cost of running out of critical SKUs.

Determine the impact of changes in mix or manufacturing constraints.

An RSA can also determine the impact of making changes to your order mix (such as adding or losing business, or changing characteristics of key production items) or making changes to your corrugator constraints. This analysis will determine the impact of these changes in advance and provide management with critical information to support the decision-making process. An RSA can also be extremely valuable after changes occur with your order mix or manufacturing constraints (machinery).

Achieve real cost savings.

A Kiwiplan Analyst will come to your plant to present a detailed and comprehensive report of your roll stock analysis with recommended changes and projected cost savings you can expect to achieve. This Analyst will work with your team to ensure you understand contents of the report provided and are able to implement the best solution for your business. Tools and options are also available to measure results.

Optimize a group or region.

Consider and identify cost savings and benefits of sharing roll stock between plants, or within a region or group of plants– before implementing. Identify the optimum papers and sizes for the group and compare the expected results for each plant with expected overall results.

Corrugated manufacturers do not need to be using Kiwiplan software to take advantage of this service.
Did you know?
  • Most corrugated box plants lose $100K to $1M per year because they carry the wrong roll sizes.
  • Out-of-stock conditions cost an additional $250K per year on average!
  • Are you carrying the right roll stock in your corrugated manufacturing facility to minimize Corrugator trim and maximize web width?

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