Communicate electronically with your wet-end controller.

A Kiwiplan wet-end link provides the ability to pass critical information between the Kiwiplan Roll Stock System (RSS) (which provides roll stock inventory management) and your wet-end controller enabling corrugated manufacturers to record roll usage automatically, eliminate data entry and mistakes, improve data accuracy and more.

Reconcile Dry-end and Wet-end production data.

Determine specifically which rolls were used for each corrugator setup and production order. This information is invaluable in determining the source of material quality issues. 

Improve corrugator scheduling efficiency.

All material usage recorded by your wet-end controller is provided electronically to the Kiwiplan Roll Stock System (RSS) ensuring your roll stock inventory is accurate at all times. Accurate inventory ensures schedule integrity and eliminates the need for costly paper and width substituions.

Reduce partial rolls in inventory.

When splices occur, if a partial roll remains to be placed back in inventory, the exact lineal remaining on the roll is printed automatically on a tag ensuring your partial roll inventory is accurate. The Corrugator Scheduling (CSC) system will then schedule and flag partial rolls for consumption where possible to reduce the number of partial rolls in inventory. 

Reconcile actual lineal on rolls with amounts reportedly supplied.

Based on information received from your wet-end controller, identify discrepancies with the actual lineal (Ft. or Metres) on each roll compared with the linal reportedly supplied by the mill.

Support synchronized splicing.

Waste entered at the knife automatically updates the wet-end control system to support synchronized splicing.
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Key Benefits
  • Improve roll stock inventory accuracy and reduce costs.
  • Identify and reduce costly paper substitutions, wet-end overruns and waste.
  • Determine the source when customers report material quality issues.