Many corrugated plants lose $50K a year or more due to excessive and unnecessary application of adhesives—moisture resistant (MRA), water resistant (WRA) and waterproof (WPA)—and other additives.  Eliminate these costs today with a Starch Dosing Link.

Automated Dosing Systems provide part of the solution.

Automated dosing systems (such as the AccuDose Performance Dosing by AME) allow plants to mix the appropriate amount of adhesive for each run. These systems ensure special adhesive is always fresh and eliminate the need to “use up” or waste remaining special adhesive.  In addition, these systems weigh and blend the resin and control temperature in the tanks. However, since these systems cannot automatically determine when to begin the dosing process, they must rely on corrugator crew members to turn on the dosing feature.

In a fast-paced production environment crews do not always turn on the dosing feature at the right time. In fact, dosing is often left on for extended periods or continuously, wasting excessive amounts of additive. Or dosing is not initiated at the appropriate time, thus resulting in board being produced without the required additive.

A Kiwiplan Transmission Link provides the remaining component of the solution. 

The Kiwiplan dosing link automatically signals your automated dosing system when to start and stop the dosing process ensuring that special adhesive is applied to the right jobs at the right time, eliminating the application and cost of unnecessary special adhesive.

Key Benefits
  • Save $50K per year or more by eliminating the application of unnecessary additives at the corrugator.
  • Improve quality by ensuring the right jobs receive the right additive.
  • Gain ROI in 2-6 months.