Communicate electronically and automatically with controllers, machinery and devices on the factory floor. Download production schedules, order details and setup requirements. Retrieve production data, downtime details, material usage, and quality measurements.

Reduce manual data entry and save time.

Download schedules, setup requirements, order details, and more to machines and controllers on the factory floor. Eliminate manual entry of schedules, setup requirements, order details, quality test results, and more.

Increase visibility with accurate production data in real time. 

Retrieve production results, material usage, status updates, quality test data, and more immediately and automatically in real time. Eliminate the need to manually record or key in production data or collect data from a photo-eye. Provide more accurate data for improved visbility and decision-making capabilities. Promote competition by broadcasting productivity information including current machine speed, downtime, waste, and more to overhead signs on the factory floor. Enable supervisors and managers to monitor productivity across the plant more effectively.

Increase automation on the factory floor.

Download schedule details and machine requirements automatically to your conveyor system. React automatically and immediately to schedule changes. Automate the movement of WIP and FGS. Eliminate the need to man your automatic conveyor system.

Link to quality detection and measuring devices.

Collect quality results and measurements in real time with the Quality Management System (QMS) and a Transmission Link to quality detection and measuring devices. Learn more about the Quality Management System (QMS).

Key Benefits
  • Reduce manual data entry into controllers and machinery.
  • Collect accurate production data automatically.
  • Automate setups and other processes.
  • Improve visibility.
Transmission links are available to:
  • Gluing Systems
  • Corrugator Dry-End, Wet-End, Knives, Slitter/Scorers, Stackers
  • Starch Dosing Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Converting Machines
  • Strappers
  • Sheet counting devices
  • Quality testing and measuring devices
  • Overhead signs or displays
At the Corrugator
Record roll stock consumption at the Wet-end automatically with a Wet-end Transmission Link.
Reduce starch costs with a Transmission Link to your Starch Dosing System.
Update unit counts automatically and increase billing accuracy with a Transmission Link to your automated Sheet Counter Link.
Additional links are available to dry-end controllers, knives, slittler/scorer, stackers, and conveyor systems.

Transmission Links are available with the following manufacturers: