Manage WIP and FGS more effectively with the Unit Load Tracking system. Track the unit ID and details, location and movement of WIP and FGS units from creation to storage to shipment with radio frequency (RF) scanning options.

Improve material handling efficiency and eliminate lost units.

Unit details including customer and job information and unit quantity are recorded immediately and automatically when WIP or FGS labels are produced. These details are associated with the unit throughout its life until it is shipped (or split). When units are moved from the factory floor to a staging area, a warehouse location or other location, or when they are loaded on a truck, details regarding the movement are recorded including the move time, the new location and the ID of the fork truck driver who made the move.

Improve loading efficiency and increase billing accuracy.

Display load lists to fork truck drivers via VMUs (vehicle mounted units). For every load identify unit requirements and specific unit locations. Display information, messages and warnings to drivers to prevent loading mistakes. Eliminate short shipments and ensure all required units are loaded. Update the bill of lading with load details automatically and invoice accordingly.

Improve safety. Reduce downtime and waste.

Reduce safety concerns associated with excessive and poorly managed work-in-process. Eliminate lost, misplaced and obsolete units and the resulting waste that occurs when units must be reproduced. Reduce downtime spent waiting for stock at converting machines. Improve production efficiency and throughput by ensuring work-in-process is ready to run on the right machine at the right time.

Integrate Unit Load Tracking with other Kiwiplan products for added benefit...

Key Benefits
  • Improve WIP and FGS handling efficiency.
  • Improve billing accuracy.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Maintain accurate inventory.
  • Eliminate lost or unaccounted-for units and waste.
  • Reduce Shipping mistakes.

Additional Features