Shipping inefficiencies result in thousands of dollars in added cost and reduced profitability for manufacturers annually.

The Truck Scheduling System (TSS) by Kiwiplan provides powerful tools to integrate load planning and production processes, drive improvements in shipping efficiencies and reduce shipping costs.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce shipping costs.
  • Improve on-time delivery.
  • Integrate shipping with your production process. 

Integrate your production planning, shop floor data collection and shipping processes in your corrugated manufacturing facility. Plan loads more efficiently based on when units will be produced and ready to ship. Improve trailer utilization, reduce mileage requirements and ensure trucks depart on time.

Is your Shipping department the last to know?

Staff in shipping are often isolated and the last to know when changes occur in the production schedule. As a result many trucks are shipped partially full because jobs expected to ship are not produced on time. TSS addresses this problem by providing shipping and load planning options that are directly integrated with your production schedule— automatically!

Automate load planning and optimize trailer utilization.

The TSS load planning algorithm plans loads automatically, taking into consideration the expected completion time and destination of each job as well as job characteristics, unitizing requirements, stacking requirements, and more. The load planning algorithm ensures loads are optimized to fill the truck efficiently. Drops are planned to reduce overall mileage requirements and ensure orders are delivered on time.

The result—efficient production schedules balanced with optimized shipping results and delivery performance!

Ship full trucks and increase on-time delivery.

With TSS the load planning process is direclty integrated with the production planning process. This integration ensures jobs are produced on time to meet shipping requirements. If the production schedule changes and jobs are expected later than originally planned, the PCS scheduler sends notifications to TSS immediately and automatically. If possible, loads are then adjusted by the TSS Load planning algorithm– automatically.

Increase visibility. Identify opportunities for improvement.

Dashboards, Alerts and Exception Reporting convey critical information in real time and identify opportunities for improvement in your shipping process. Tools provide the ability to monitor square footage/metres shipped, shipping costs, on-time delivery, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and more in real time. Alerts immediately inform shipping staff of critical information such as:  Orders expected to be late into Shipping, missed delivery dates and times, unexpected plans, and loads not shipped as planned.