For corrugated manufacturers around the globe, roll stock represents a critical link in the supply chain. Corrugated producers lose hundreds of thousands of dollars each year because they don't have the right roll stock. SCS identifies the appropriate amount of each paper and roll size to order each month for maximum production efficiency.

Eliminate the monthly guesswork in ordering.

With SCS corrugated manufactuers can determine the specific amount of each grade and width to order each month in order to reduce side trim and upgrades and increase web width utilization and corrugator production efficiency. The appropriate amount of safety stock required for each paper and width is also accounted for.

Determine the real cost of stock outages.

SCS provides the ability to track and identify actual costs associated with “out-of-stock” occurrences. This information is invaluable and may be used to better aid management in addressing supply chain issues and dealing with paper suppliers.

Optimize roll stock across a region or group of plants.

Have you ever considered the benefits of optimizing roll stock across a region or group of plants? The Supply Chain Simulator will determine the single roll matrix that provides the best overall productivity, efficiency and savings for a group of corrugated plants.

Improve long term capacity planning with market intelligence.

SCS also provides the ability of rmanufacturers to utilize sales forecasts and demand plans in order to facilitate corporate-wide, rough-cut capacity planning of both the corrugator and converting equipment. Master planning features provide the ability to balance work across all plants and machinery in a region or group of plants and supports improved, long-term capacity planning.

Resize your matrix for further savings.

Tools are also available to determine when adjustments to your roll matrix are necessary to best accommodate your specific order mix and machine constraints. SCS identifies the optimum roll sizes to carry in your plant to minimize trim and costs and maximize corrugator web width, throughput and production efficiency.

If you wish to carry fewer roll sizes, SCS tools can also determine the specific sizes to carry for optimum results and indicate the results you can expect to achieve after making these changes in terms of average web width, trim, wet-end changes, upgrade costs, and more.

Key Benefits 
  • Reduce roll stock costs.
  • Maximize corrugator efficiency.
  • Identify the real cost associated with outages.

The average corrugated plant loses $250,000* per year due to out-of-stock conditions.

Why? Roll stock ordering is often based on historical consumption which compounds costly upgrades, paper substitutions and excess trim at the corrugator.

The Solution...   Manufacturers must order roll stock based on what is needed now--not what was used in the past.  Ensuring the optimum amount of the right roll stock on hand will eliminate these costs ($250K). In addition, resizing the roll matrix on a regular basis can save the average plant an additional $100K* per year.

See Roll Stock Analysis.

* Based on a detailed study of more than 100 corrugated plants world-wide.