Increase material handling efficiency and inventory accuracy. Reduce the number of partial rolls in inventory. Schedule based on accurate inventory information.

Improve inventory accuracy.

Order paper electronically and track the expected delivery time of rolls. Receive rolls by scanning the mill roll tag. Track each roll using RF and vehicle-mounted units from receipt to consumption. Reduce the need and frequency for physical stock-takes and eliminate lost or unaccounted-for rolls.

Schedule more effectively and reduce partial rolls in inventory.

Based on direct integration between the Roll Stock System (RSS) and the Kiwiplan Corrugator Scheduling (CSC), partial rolls will be scheduled for consumption when possible to reduce the number of wet-end changes at the corrugator as well as the number of partial rolls in inventory. When scheduling, the availability of accurate inventory information also reduces the occurrence of costly paper substitutions and upgrades at the corrugator when material handlers are unable to locate rolls required.

Display roll requirements to material handlers in real time.

Clamp truck drivers and material handlers view roll requirements from VMUs (vehicle mounted units). Drivers are instructed to retrieve specific rolls from given inventory locations based on FIFO inventory practices. Roll IDs and locations are indicated to ensure the correct rolls are retrieved for production, eliminating roll substitutions and wasted time spent searching for inventory. 

Reduce wet-end waste. Reconcile rolls used with orders produced.

With the addition of a Kiwiplan Wet-end Transmission Link:  Reconcile wet-end consumption with dry-end production data; Identify discrepancies between rolls scheduled vs. rolls consumed to highlight and eliminate unnecessary width and paper substitutions; Identify specific rolls used for every setup and job produced at the corrugator gaining valuable information required to address and resolve quality and supplier issues.

For paper packaging manufacturers roll stock accounts for 95-99% of raw material cost.

Managing this material effectively is critical to success and profitability. Ensure you have the right tools to manage this important asset with the Kiwiplan Roll Stock System (RSS).

Key Benefits
  • Reduce inventory, waste and costs.
  • Maintain accurate inventory (critical for scheduling purposes).
  • Reduce the need for physical stock-takes.

Additional Features