Automate and streamline your quality management process. Improve quality and reduce waste, returns and customer complaints. Eliminate paperwork and paper-dependent processes required to define test requirements and record results.

Manage quality test requirements and results locally, regionally or corporate-wide.

Define quality test requirements electronically for specific plants, plants within a specific region or your entire corporation. Establish tests for specific jobs, customers, specifications, board-types, paper, or other manufacturing characteristics.

Give your most important quality inspector the machine operator the right tools.

Ensure test requirements are met by prompting operators on the factory floor to perform required tests at the appropriate time or interval. Collect results in real time on the floor or in the lab. Eliminate the need for operators to manually record results on paper and submit at shift end. The time and resource required to manually enter test results into a spreadsheet, database or external system as well as the effort to collect, file and store results on paper can also be eliminated.  

Alert management automatically when quality problems persist.

QMS can be configured to notify or alert quality managers or other staff within your organization via text message or email when specified quality tests fail.

Ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Improve internal compliance with QA test plans and ISO requirements. If tests are skipped or results are not recorded, notification is recorded accordingly. When jobs are completed, documentation of results (including COCs and COAs) can be printed and/or emailed to appropriate parties. Because accurate results are recorded directly on the factory floor, you now have the ability to respond to customer complaints and product returns with factual data. Having access to test results in real time also enables quality managers and others to examine and evaluate test results prior to shipping inferior product. 

Record test results electronically.

Eliminate the need for operators to record test results.
Ensure all results are recorded in a timely manner with a Transmission Link (XMT) to testing devices capable of providing test results electronically. Some testing devices test or measure every item produced. Others even photograph every defect and/or each and every item tested.

Identify specific rolls used - Determine the source of defective raw material.

In combination with the Roll Stock System (RSS) and Corrugator Scheduling (CSC), manufacturers can determine specific rolls used to produce each production order. This information can be invaluable in determining the source of quality problems and defective raw material.

Key Benefits
  • Improve quality.
  • Reduce waste and costs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Streamline your quality management process.