See what's going in your plant in a whole new way with Dashboards by Kiwiplan.
A wide range of interactive dashboards now allow you to Identify circumstances and clearly see what is going on in your plant.

Identify trends

Monitor results

Drill-down to source data

Filter information


Multiple Dashboards are available for; Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Total Effective Equipment Performance (OEE/TEEP), Consolidated Waste Reporting (CWR), downtime, waste, lateness, work-in-progress and machine/plant loading.

  •   These dashboards are included with the Kiwiplan Production Control System(PCS).
  •   Filter results by shift, crew, machine, day, date range, customer and more.
  •   Identify trends before they impact your bottom-line.
  •   Monitor the effect of changes made to processes, procedures and machine capabilities.
  •   See results clearly.
  •   Drill down to source data.
  •  Investigate circumstances and identify problems.