The cornerstone of Kiwiplan’s Manufacturing Execution suite, PCS provides powerful tools to automate production scheduling, increase production efficiency and drive production improvements throughout the manufacturing process.

Schedule your plant and adjust automatically 24/7. 

PCS schedules manufacturing facilities based on backlog, order characteristics and a wide range of manufacturing constraints. All jobs due within the next 90 days are scheduled. It continually adjusts the schedule automatically every 15 minutes throughout the day to accommodate changing circumstances in the plant considering:

Job characteristics, shipping requirements, hot order inserts, machine capabilities, setup savings possibilities, machine availability, load balancing opportunities, required wait times between machine steps, outside processing requirements, tooling and raw material constraints, historical run speeds of each job, and more.

Drive Lean Manufacturing and OEE initiatives.

PCS provides the tools to measure and monitor production efficiency, OEE results and key performance indicators and drive improvements across the board. PCS incorporates and supports important manufacturing philosophies including JIT, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Lean Manufacturing practices.

Increase visibility. Improve communication.

Provide complete, accurate, real-time information to management, sales and customer service, production managers, scheduling staff, machine operators, material and tooling handlers, and shipping staff.  Determine what jobs will be produced, what quantity will be made and when. View backlog and determine when machines are available for more work.  Plan loads and manage the shipping process more effectively. View the plant schedule in real time along with setup, material and tooling requirements. Review production results, waste, downtime data, and key performance indicators. Utilize information to drive improvements and reduce costs throughout the production process.

Key Benefits 
  • Increase throughput.
  • Reduce waste, downtime and costs.
  • Increase production efficiency.
  • Improve on-time delivery.
  • Improve visibility and communication.
  • Reduce overtime.
  • Achieve a single integrated solution to your system requirements.

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