Collect accurate production data on the factory floor in real time, automatically. Eliminate paperwork, manual reporting and delays associated with gathering, organizing and recording production data.

Increase visibility across your organization.

Photo-eyes mounted on machines throughout the manufacturing facility collect production data automatically in real time. Data collected includes: Job start, setup completion and finish time, downtime, quantity fed into the machine (or quantity extruded), quantity produced, waste, and more.

Information is accessible to everyone in real time.

  • Identify when a job has been or will be produced and what quantity was or will be made.
  • Analyze productivity, efficiency, downtime, and waste.
  • Enable conveyor operators to see what jobs are required at each machine and when
  • Enable shipping staff to determine when jobs will be completed and ready to ship.
  • Provide maintenance staff with the ability to analyze maintenance-related downtime and waste.
  • Analyze how jobs ran in order to determine the profitability.
  • Transmit production results to your accounting system automatically.

Drive Efficiency and OEE improvements.

Monitor, measure and analyze production data like never before! Convey production goals and targets for each machine and every job directly to operators in the factory. Analyze and compare results with target values to drive improvements. Display current production statistics on overhead signs to raise awareness. Monitor production data via monitors mounted strategically throughout your facility.

Support initiatives, make better decisions and analyze profitability.

Production reports can be customized to support lean manufacturing, waste reduction, downtime reduction, or other initiatives. Detailed, accurate production data enables management to make better decisions, improve results, analyze profitability, determine opportuities for improvement and identify jobs resulting in low or no margin.

Improve planning accuracy.

Item-specific production history is collected and stored for every job produced. This information enables the automated PCS scheduler to more accurately plan and predict how each job will run in the future, resulting in more accurate production schedules.

Key Benefits 
  • Collect accurate production data in real time.
  • Eliminate manual data entry.
  • Identify ghost waste.
  • Increase visibility.
Gain Accurate Data in Real-Time
  • Collect accurate production data with Photo-Eyes.
  • Record start time, setup time, quanity produced and setup waste.
  • Eliminate production recording on paper
Identify and Eliminate Waste
  • Record waste automatically based on count differences at various points.
  • Classify waste with codes entered by operators.
  • Identify ghost waste automatically based on count discrepancies between machines.