The Kiwiplan MES solution is comprised of a suite of powerful and tightly integrated software modules that offer automated production planning, tooling management, shop floor data collection, dashboard and KPI reporting, quality management, and more.  This solution is directly integrated with Kiwiplan Order Management, Inventory and Logistics and Business Intelligence modules.

Automate production scheduling 24/7 and optimize production efficiency.

Production scheduling modules optimize corrugator and production efficiency and automate scheduling processes 24/7 to accommodate hot orders, material availability, available shift time, setup optimization opportunities, changing circumstances, and more.  

Production Control System (PCS)

Optimize Corrugator Scheduling.

Minimize trim, maximize web-width, reduce wet-end changes and schedule the right jobs to run at the right time in order to feed downstream converting machines.

Corrugator Scheduling (CSC)        
Continuous Automatic Scheduling Environment (CASE)

Automate shop floor data collection,  machine setups and more. 

MDC offers shop floor data collection on the factory floor in real time based on data retrieved from photo-eyes. Transmission links provide bi-directional communication and connectivity with machines and controllers in order to automate machines setups and data collection and eliminate manual data entry and production reporting.

Machine Data Collection (MDC)     
Transmission Links (XMT)

Other modules 

WIP and FGS labels are customized and printed on demand directly on the factory floor with the Label printing module. The Quality Management System (QMS) provides powerful tools to integrate quality management directly within the manufacturing process. 

Supply Chain Management

Based on an order forecast the Supply Chain Simulator (SCS) determines specific material requirements to optimize production efficiency. This powerful tool provides the ability to significantly reduce costs and drive improvements throughout the supply chain.

Supply Chain Simulator (SCS)