Design and customize WIP and FGS load tags using more than 300 data elements. Add barcodes, logos and graphics. Print tags directly on the factory floor. Create special and customer-specific tags.

Save time and reduce paperwork by eliminating pre-printed tags.

Print load tags automatically or on demand on the factory floor eliminating the need to pre-print, distribute and manage WIP and FGS labels and load tags. Machine Operators print tags as needed on printers located at their machine or nearby. Because only the required number of tags are printed, waste associated with extra tags is eliminated.

Design new tags quickly and easily with bar-codes, logos, custom fields and more.

Create new label designs quickly and easily using a graphical, drag-and-drop tool. Choose from more than 300 data elements. Add bar-codes, graphics, custom fields, combination fields and more. Design a complete collection of WIP and FGS tags to meet all your labeling requirements for work-in-process, finished goods and roll stock. 

Create and customize tags to meet the needs of your customers.

Create customer-specific finished goods tags that meet all your customers' requirements. Include unique unit numbers, special barcode requirements and more. Print the required FGS tags automatically at the final machine step.


Key Benefits 
  • Eliminate the labor and effort required to produce, organize, manage, and distribute pre-printed labels and load tags.
  • Customize your own label designs quickly and easily.
  • Accommodate customer requirements with FGS load tags designed to meet their needs.