Enable information to flow seamlessly and automatically to and from your Kiwiplan software applications and external sources and systems.

Eliminate data disconnects, duplication and manual data entry.

Information can be exchanged automatically with customers, suppliers, financial systems, data warehouse/reporting systems, 3rd party software applications, and more. Because data is exchanged automatically in the background, the need to manually collect information recorded in one system and manually enter it into another is eliminated.

Communicate electronically with customers, suppliers and other systems.

KMC facilitates shared information with customers and suppliers in the format they require. Receive orders and share order status details with customers. Send orders to suppliers and recieve order status updates automatically. Information can be exchanged in a variety of formats including FLF, CSV or XML format. 

Improve and supplement your order interface.

Your 3rd party order management system may not be capable of providing sufficient data to effectively supply the Kiwiplan Manufacturing Execution System. In this circumstance supplemental data can be stored in KMC and made available as needed. Examples of information that may not be available in your order management system include:  Alternate machine routes, unitizing requirements, pallet codes (for auto stacking and palletizing equipment), delivery distance and destination codes. Data elements that may be exchanged include but are not limited to:

  • Customer details
  • Inventory details
  • Roll stock inventory
  • Inventory and material purchases
  • Order status information
  • Tooling data Production data
  • Waste details
  • Downtime details
  • Shipping requirements
  • Load details
Key Benefits
  • Ensure information flows seamlessly throughout your organization.
  • Communicate electronically and automatically with customers, supplies and 3rd party systems.
  • Eliminate the duplication of data and manual data entry.