KDW is your single source for compiling data from multiple Kiwiplan applications, across multiple manufacturing locations into a single, powerful and usable data warehouse. Additional data from 3rd party systems can also be included in your Kiwiplan Data Warehouse.

Access data and information in a format that is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Collect information from one, many or all plants within your organization. Automate the process of cleansing, validating and organizing this data into a format that is designed and optimized specifically for reporting purposes.

Address your reporting needs with a cost-effective solution.

Eliminate the need to maintain highly trained staff with in-depth knowledge and understanding of complex transactional databases in order to create and customize reports.

Improve and drive KPIs and OEE values. Achieve lean manufacturing goals.

Develop your own reports to monitor key performance indicators. Create your own OEE measurements and report on these measures. Highlight trends within each plant and across your organization. Compare data for like machines. Measure performance against targets and perform cost analyses.

Perform detailed analyses of plants, regions or your entire corporation.

Collect and organize data from all plants within your region or organization into a single database. Compare and analyze regions and groups of plants. Analyze results and identify trends across your entire organization.

Maintain optimum performance in your transactional environment.

Running large database reporting queries directly on transactional databases often results in performance degradation. These queries must be designed to validate data, perform calculations and convert data into meaningful information, all of which requires time and effort. Creation of these queries requires a significant, in-depth knowledge of the source data.

Alternatively, with the Kiwiplan Data Warehouse solution, data is automatically extracted on a regular basis from Kiwiplan transactional databases for one, many or all plants within your organization. Data is sorted, summarized, cleansed, and organized into a format that is easy to understand and optimized specifically for reporting purposes.

Stay current and upgrade to new software revisions with confidence.

With new Kiwiplan software revisions come potential changes in the structure of Kiwiplan’s transactional databases. The Data Warehouse solution eliminates concerns associated with new revisions causing customized reporting queries you may have in place to stop functioning correctly. This solution allows your plants to stay current on Kiwiplan software revisions while maintaining the integrity of custom reports.

Key Benefits
  • Improve visibility and decision-making capabilities.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Examine and explore data like never before.