Manage raw material and roll stock more effectively and reduce material handling costs.

Roll Stock System (RSS) Track the ordering, receipt, movement, location, and consumption of raw materials and roll stock.  Manage inventory more effectively, maintain accurate inventory and reduce costs. Integrate inventory information directly  with the production process to eliminate downtime on the factory floor spent waiting on raw materials.

Manage and track the location and movement of WIP and FGS inventory.

Unit Load Tracking (ULT) Determine the current and movement of  work-in-process and finished goods units. Identify when and where units were moved, when units were shipped and on what truck. Provide WIP and FGS handlers with the information they need to find, move and load units as required.

Reduce shipping costs by integrating your truck scheduling and production processes. 

Truck Scheduling System (TSS) Ship full trucks on time. Adjust loads automatically as needed when the production schedule changes and affects the planned ship time of a load.  Ensure the  production schedule is adjusted automatically if necessary to accommodate planned ship times.