Powerful tools enable manufacturers to manage orders more effectively, increase visibility and profitability, reduce paperwork and errors, and improve customer service.

Streamline the order management process.

Enter orders in seconds and or receive orders electronically via EDI, KiwiWeb or XML. Orders flow to the Kiwiplan manufacturing execution system immediately, eliminating paperwork and manual processing. Customers are faxed or emailed order confirmations, ASNs and more. Automatically generate bills of lading and even invoices when trucks depart.

Cost, price and quote new items quickly, effectively and consistently. 

Define the cost model for your organization with formulas and calculations to account for every aspect of your business. Create new specifications in minutes. Determine machine routes automatically. Cost, price and quote these items automatically. Estimate items across multiple plants from a single screen. Analyze item profitability across your organization and more.

Automate work-flow.

Configure checks and warnings to alert staff throughout your organization of tasks and action items that need attention.  Alert key staff and managers immediately via email or text message of problems and or special circumstances that need attention.

Improve visibility and communication.

Provide complete information to everyone in your organization in real time. Everyone can view the production schedule, look up order status details and identify machine backlogs. With your customers on the phone, Customer Service staff can quickly identify due dates that can be achieved without causing other orders to be late. 

Gain power and flexibility with customization.

Configure and customize features quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of your organization. Customize screens, search options, forms, reports, access rights, and more without the need for costly programming and development staff.

Key Benefits
  • Increase order management efficiency.
  • Reduce mistakes and costs.
  • Cost and price of new business more effectively.
  • Improve visibility and communication.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Increase on-time delivery.