Better information for better decisions and unprecedented results. It’s about making the right moves, achieving unconventional success and having the information to act now.

Consolidate, Search, Visualize, and Analyze.

Empower decision makers with clear, easy to interpret reports, graphs and dashboards.

Explore data interactively with freedom and speed.

Drill down to source data with a click of the mouse. Sort, make selections and apply filters; then move from report to report to examine results.

Report on specific manufacturing locations, regions or the entire enterprise.

View and report on data for specific plants, groups of plants, regions or the entire enterprise. An extensive collection of reports are provided to analyze production data in a variety of ways. Analyze waste, downtime, machine speeds, setup times, productivity, and more. Compare productivity by machine, machine group, crew, or plant. Compare productivity for like machines across your enterprise. Identify jobs that run poorly or result in waste or downtime greater than normal.

Drive Lean Manufacturing and OEE improvements and reduce costs.

Monitor key performance indicators, OEE measurements and production data. Identify trends. Help management understand the impact of actions and business rules by transforming data into costs.

Create and customize reports and dashboards quickly and easily.

Create reports, graphs and dashboards and customize existing reports yourself without the need for programmers and technical resources

Support better decisions with better information.

Use DART today to analyze data, uncover trends, examine profitability, and more.
Key Benefits
  • Improve visibility and decision-making capabilities.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Examine and explore data like never before.
  • Analyze production results - Sort and select data by customer, specification, flute, and more.
  • Identify Trends - Determine which customers provide 80% of your business. Identify your top 10% for waste, downtime, profit and more.
  • Item Profitability - Determine which jobs and customers are profitable and where opportunities lie.
  • Compare Performance - Review production results across shifts, crews, machines, machine groups, plants, or regions.
  • Cost Saving Opportunities - Determine the source and  cost of overruns, downtime, lost productivity, excess inventory, and more.
  • Machine Performance - Examine throughput, speed, efficiency, OEM. Review data for a specifric date or date range—QTR, WTD, MTD or YTD.