More than 80% of the corrugated boxes produced in the United States are manufactured in plants running Kiwiplan software.

The Kiwiplan Corrugator Scheduling system (CSC) is the world’s most widely used corrugator scheduling solution, scheduling more than 600 corrugators world-wide!

Empower your corrugator scheduler to reduce side trim, maximize web width, productivity and efficiency and reduce costs, downtime and waste using the world's most widely used corrugator scheduling system.

Thousands of iterations determine the optimum corrugator schedule in seconds.

CSC analyzes order characteristics, side trim, web width utilization, slitter and wet-end changes, upgrade opportunities, lead edge feed options, paper cost, other costs, and more. Corrugator schedulers identify the batch size to schedule and modify constraints if desired. The system then performs thousands of scheduling iterations in the background to determine the most efficient, cost-effective scheduling solutions possible.

Download schedule details directly to the corrugator.

Schedule details can be downloaded directly to corrugator controllers, stackers, wet-end controllers, conveyor systems, and more with the addition of a Kiwiplan Transmission Link, Documentation can be printed at designated stations on the factory floor automatically. Corrugator operators can view the schedule from PCs located at the corrugator wet-end, dry-end and take-off. Information can optionally be displayed to fork truck drivers via vehicle mounted units (VMUs).

Collect detailed, accurate production data in real time.

Accurate production data is collected at the corrugator in real time. Operators can optionally record waste and enter downtime codes for downtime events recorded. Detailed production data, downtime and waste can be analyzed in a variety of ways for selected time periods.  

Schedule the Corrugator based on converting machine requirements.

With direct integration to the Kiwiplan Production Control System (PCS), the process of scheduling the corrugator is greatly enhanced. Details regarding the production schedule and converting machine requirements are conveyed automatically to the Corrugator Scheduling (CSC) system. Order selection is then deteremined by CSC automatically to ensure downstream converting machine requirements are met. This important functionality results in less downtime on the factory floor (converting machines waiting on stock) and improved productivity.

Take Corrugator Scheduling into the next generation.

Combine the same powerful benefits highlighted above with automation using the Continuous Automatic Scheduling Envrionment (CASE).

Key Benefits
  • Decrease side trim.
  • Increase wet-end run length and web width.
  • Increase Corrugator productivity and efficiency.
  • Improve on-time delivery.
  • Increase visibility and communication.