Achieve all the benefits of the Corrugator Scheduling System (CSC) automatically. CASE schedules the corrugator automatically 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responding continuously to hot orders, new circumstances and changing plant conditions.

Schedule your corrugator automatically around the clock.

React to changing circumstances in your plant automatically 24/7. Achieve a smoother, more efficient production process. Increase plant throughput—up to one-and-a-half truckloads or more per day. Optimize schedules to meet specific goals and objectives. Focus on reducing side trim and corrugator production costs, increasing overall productivity, feeding converting machines efficiently or reducing work-in-process.

Reduce downtime and increase throughput with integration

CASE is completely integrated with Kiwiplan’s automated plant scheduling system – the Production Control System (PCS). This integration ensures the right orders are scheduled to run on the corrugator at the right time. Downtime on the factory floor is reduced because converting machines no longer sit waiting for board to run. And shutdowns that often occurr at the Corrugator due to excessive work-in-process on the floor for the wrong machines are eliminated.

How CASE works.... 

CASE constantly monitors the current corrugator lineup to see how much work remains in the corrugator queue. When the queue drops below the minimum level required, CASE schedules the next batch of work. It first determines what orders need to be scheduled on the corrugator and when to best meet downstream converting machine requirements. This information is supplied by the Kiwiplan Production Control System (PCS).

CASE then uses the Kiwiplan Corrugator Scheduling (CSC) algorithm to produce the most cost efficient corrugator schedules possible. Options are analyzed and compared based on corrugator production costs and statistics. The optimum schedule is then issued to the corrugator and working documents are printed on the factory floor. The PCS scheduler then adjusts the converting schedule as necessary to accommodate the new planned finish time of each job on the corrugator. All of these tasks are performed automatically.

Key Benefits 
  • Schedule the corrugator automatically 24/7 with minimal human intervention.
  • Schedule consistently based on rules and guidelines established by management.
  • Reduce side trim, downtime and waste at the corrugator.
  • Reduce downtime on the factory floor spent waiting on board.