Kiwiplan provides a complete, integrated suite of software products to address the needs of packaging manufacturers.

In the front office, on the factory floor and throughout the manufacturing facility.

From the standard to the complex, for a single manufacturing facility or multi-plant groups, Kiwiplan provides expertise, flexibility and powerful tools to meet and exceed your system requirements.

Industry specific and completely integrated.

Tightly integrated software modules provide a single integrated solution and eliminate the need for system workarounds, spreadsheets and other external solutions. Information flows from Customer Service to Planning to the factory floor immediately and automatically, eliminating the problems and disconnects that often occur with multiple systems. Time-consuming, manual data entry is eliminated. Information is shared by all Kiwiplan modules ensuring accurate, real-time information is available to everyone in your organization immediately.

Automated scheduling, shop floor data collection, quality management and more.

As information flows from one department to another, decisions can now be made automatically to improve productivity, on-time delivery, efficiency and more. Automated scheduling enables your plant to respond automatically to changing circumstances, raw material availability, scheduling constraints, customer requirements and more. Quality management is integrated throughout the manufacturing facility.

Supply Chain Optimization.

Optimize and reduce raw material and finished goods inventory. Eliminate costly material outages. Analyze what-if scenarios and market trends using multi-plant and corporate forecasts. Plan a group of similar production facilities or regional plant groupings to analyze and optimize material usage. Utilize tactical and strategic planning tools to manage long-term business strategies and more.

Expandable and Scalable.

From the standard to the complex; for independent manufacturing facilities as well as corporate, regional and multi-plant groups, Kiwiplan products provide comprehensive solutions, customized functionality, scalability and flexibility to meet and exceed your system requirements. Kiwiplan software products are modular, which allows manufacturers to add-on functionality as needed, when they are ready.