Increase production efficiency. Automate scheduling. Improve visibility and communication. Drive Lean Manufacturing initiatives, OEE improvements, quality improvements, and more.

Does your manufacturing execution system 
provide the tools you need?

  • Do you know exactly what’s happening in your manufacturing facility 100% of the time?

  • Does your production schedule adjust automatically to accommodate hot orders and changing circumstances on the factory floor?

  • Can you easily identify bottlenecks, spare capacity, overtime requirements, raw material needs, ghost waste, production efficiencies, key performance indicators, quality test results, and more?

  • Do your software solutions provide a Return on Investment (ROI)?

    Kiwiplan delivers the answers, the solution and the ROI.

    The Kiwiplan Manufacturing Execution suite provides powerful tools to drive production and automate scheduling in your manufacturing facility. Options are available to staff throughout your organizaiton including management, customer service, schedulers, production managers, supervisors, machine operators, fork and clamp truck drivers, tooling handlers, and shipping staff. Learn more.

    React and respond 24/7 with automated scheduling.

    Kiwiplan schedules manufacturing facilities continuously 24/7 using powerful algorithms based on Just-in-Time and Theory of Constraints philosophies. Every 15 minutes the automated scheduler evaluates the current state of production considering machine constraints, resource and tooling availability, order backlog, and shipping requirements. The optimum schedule is determined to maximize efficiency, throughput and on-time delivery. Production Control System (PCS).

     • Balance load across similar machines automatically 
    • Identify and increase throughput at bottleneck machines  
    • Adjust the schedule automatically 24/7
    •  Reduce setup time
    • Ensure high-priority jobs are always produced on time

    Increase visibility with shop floor data collection.

    Operators access the schedule, order details, tooling and material requirements, drawings, and other information from PCs or work stations located at or near their machine. Production data, downtime and waste are collected automatically on the factory floor. See Machine Data Collection (MDC).

    Increase automation on the factory floor with electronic connectivity.

    Download setup requirements, job details and schedules to machines, conveyor systems, quality testing devices, and more. Upload production data, load status, quality information, and more. Eliminate manual data entry and delays in data input. Provide real-time production data and order status details to users throughout your organization.  See Transmission Links (XMT).

    Manage quality more effectively.

    Define QA tests electronically. Prompt Operators to perform tests at the appropriate time automatically. Record test results on the factory floor and eliminate written results. Collect test data automatically from testing devices in real time. When quality problems persist, alert Management or designated staff automatically via text message or email. Print QA documentation immediately. Analyze and report on test data and make better business decisions. See Quality Management System (QMS).