Kiwiplan offers a complete, integrated suite of software applications to meet the specific needs of folding carton manufacturers. Functionality includes order management, costing and pricing, automated scheduling, quality management, shop floor data collection, inventory management, machine and controller interfaces, supply chain solutions, and more.

Manage orders more efficiently.

Improve accuracy and efficiency in your Customer Service department with powerful tools. Enable staff to quickly determine the availability and capacity to promise new orders (ATP/CTP). Eliminate paperwork by entering or receiving orders electronically and transmitting job details automatically to production. Manage product groups, assortments and combination designs more easily. 

Cost and price new business more effectively.

Automate your costing and pricing process based on customizable rules established by your own organization. Compare prices of similar items. Modify pricing metrics to see the impact on margin. Implement price changes quickly and easily. And analyze profitability with post-production costing.

Alert management automatically.

Send messages, warnings and reminders to management automatically regarding special circumstances that need attention using Alerts and Watch Lists. Improve speed and accuracy and reduce costly mistakes with automated error checking in the form of business rules.

Increase production efficiency and on-time delivery. Reduce downtime, waste and costs.

Optimize efficiency, productivity and on-time delivery by automating the scheduling process 24/7. Schedule based on Just-in-Time (JIT) and Theory of Constraints philosophies, machine constraints, resource and tooling availability, order backlog and shipping requirements, and more. Identify and react to the bottlenecks in your manufacturing process. Adjust and respond automatically to accommodate the changing circumstances in your plant— automatically.

Drive lean manufacturing and OEE improvements.

Collect accurate setup times, production data, waste, and downtime at machines based on information received from photo-eyes and machine controllers. Present operators with job-specific targets and goals. Monitor and measure performance and utilize results to drive efficiency and productivity improvements.

Streamline quality management.

Define QA test requirements electronically for your plant or the entire corporation. Prompt Operators on the production floor to perform tests at the appropriate time and interval. Record results in real time. Eliminate written results and delayed data input. Collect test results electronically and automatically from testing devices. Alert designated staff via text message or email of quality problems. Document conformance. Analyze test results across your corporation.