Global Sales Conference, Cincinnati OH

Kiwiplan’s global sales team meet to share latest developments

Even the threat of hurricane Irene passing overhead was not enough to deter the sales executives of Kiwiplan meeting at the Corporate headquarters in Ohio recently, to discuss the latest generations of software and system solutions. Senior sales executives from each office around the world gathered in Cincinnati to not only review the latest systems and products, but also to hear about corporate strategy for the company’s development over the coming years.

The event, which ran for three and a half days, allowed for presentations from the regional General Managers to explain and discuss the various market dynamics of the global industry, as well as for software specialists to bring the sales team up to speed on ESP, NextGen, DART and other Kiwiplan products. A series of workshops were laid on to give hands-on experience.

The event’s guest speaker, Joel Cumming, Senior Manager of Customer Analytic Systems at Research in Motion, made a key-note presentation to attendees, focusing on data integrity and reporting systems and why systems are critical to the success of any modern business.

Paul Austin, General Manager of the European division, commented, “This was a great way of not only seeing what is new, but also provided some excellent time for our sales team to sit face to face and discuss market requirements and issues. It is not often that we have the chance to have the whole team together, all in one place at one time, so we certainly made the most of the opportunity.”

“As well as looking at specific products and associated workshops, we had the chance to outline the strategic vision for the coming years and also discuss implementation of our system solutions for new markets,” concluded Jim Walton, CEO of Kiwiplan Inc.

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