Software Solutions with a Philosophy, Vision and Purpose

Kiwiplan provides a comprehensive, integrated suite of powerful products to meet the specific order management and manufacturing requirements of today’s corrugated, folding carton, plastics and packaging manufacturers.

Corrugated  Reduce side trim, increase web-width and improve corrugator efficiency. Increase throughput and on-time delivery. Reduce converting machine downtime by eliminating the wait for stock and tooling. Track and eliminate ghost waste. Reduce overtime requirements. Improve quality.


Folding Carton  Optimize press efficiency and minimize make-ready times and sheeter changeovers.Reduce inventory requirements and cost. Improve work flow in Customer Service. Increase billing and inventory accuracy.

Rigid and Flexible Packaging  Record accurate production data and determine actual cycle times. Identify waste and regrind automatically with count points at various locations along the production line. Analyze production results more effectively. Increase manufacturing efficiency. Reduce paperwork and streamline the billing process.

Other Manufacturing Kiwiplan provides powerful tools and functionality to drive improvements in any discrete manufacturing process. Gain the tools you need to increase visibility, automate scheduling, automate and collect accurate production data on the factory floor in real time, increase productivity and efficiency and improve quality.